Reflecting on the value of Dance In Education

Dance is not only a subject area, it is a physical activity and a kinaesthetic way of learning. Discipline and hidden meanings and codes often referred to as "sub text" can be used to creatively teach values.  

As teachers of dance we are constantly evolving our practice and keeping things creative and moving forwards. Other subjects such as mathematics and science have less flexibility as content remains the same. As creative practitioners we need to think outside the box, rather then stay within our comfort zone, to further our own professional development.

In my opinion, dance has value in improving self-esteem, confidence, memory, team work, as well as reinforcing skills learnt such as co-ordination, balance, control and flexibility.  Rather like Aesops Fables, which teach morality, dance can be used to teach the importance of individual and collective responsibility.

In this way, dance can have a positive impact on society. By re-introducing some of the discipline and core values through dance, encouraging community and social etiquette, we can improve the behaviour and contribution the next generation have on society.


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